About our gun stock prices

We feel our prices are very competitive based on our high standards, today's wages and sky rocketing prices of special and exotic woods.

Our price list includes most common gun stocks, but there are several manufacturers of guns where the gun frame will vary from gun to gun. In these cases, we will require your gun frame so that we can custom fit a stock to it. There is an additional charge for this. See the price list for our charges.

Other extras are Deluxe Layout Checkering, Skip Checkering, Fine Line Checkering, Finger Grooves, Figured Walnut, Exotic Woods, Duplications, Special Work, Medallions, and Modifications. Please telephone, Fax, Email, or write us at the address below to find out the availability and price of these extras. See our price list for all other charges.

Herrett Stocks, Inc.
P.O. Box 741
169 Madrona St. Twin Falls, ID. 83303-0741
Telephone: (208)-733-1498 Fax: (208)-733-1632
 Email us with your questions, orders, etc. We will be happy to reply as soon as possible to your request. rjherrett@msn.com

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