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Herrett's Exciting XP-100 Gun Stock System

The exciting XP-100 Unlimited Stock System The XP-100 Unlimited Gun Stock System is all-new from the stock design through a special trigger by RIFLE BASIXS. Made especially for hunters and the IHMSA unlimited shooter. Take a look by selecting the image.

The XP-100 Repeater gun stock available soon.

From our Custom Department

The Custom Target Gun Stock

This is an example of the revolver target stock.

Herrett's design in both the revolver and automatic stocks provide proper pointing, proper hold, and hand position for greater accuracy in competitive shooting as well as adds pride to your ownership. Herrett's makes custom hand made target stocks for Smith & Wesson, Colt, and Ruger guns. To see some examples select the image.

The Custom Trooper Gun Stock

This is an example of finger grooves Trooper stock with checkering

This trooper has finger grooves and checkering to make it more comfortable and accurate. It also increases the beauty and will give you more pride of ownership by having a Herrett's original custom designed stock on your revolver. To see an example, select the image. There is also a high thumb rest stock available.

The Custom Shooting Star Gun Stock

This is a Custom Shooting Star stock

This Herrett stock was designed with a positive grip and memory grooves to instantly identify the correct firing position. The butt is extended with a filler block for maximum hand contact, reduced recoil, better gun control and correct sight elevation for quick on target pointing. It is properly balanced for use with either hand or both hands. All shooting star stocks have open backs and are cleared for speed loaders. Available only in select grade American Walnut. The standard stock is made with a smooth finish, the image to the left is shown with a high relief skip checkering. Please see the price list for addition types of checkering and associated charges.

The Custom Shooting Master Gun Stock

This is the standard Shooting Master stock

This precision stock, weighing only 8 ounces, has a smooth line rounded butt for two handed shooting. It is designed for right or left handed use. Speed loader clearance has also been engineered into this fine stock. It is available only in select grade American Walnut. The standard finish is smooth as shown, but also may be finished in either "fine line checkering" or "skip checkered". To see a large example, select the image at the right.

From our Laser Department

Engraved Belt buckles.

We have many designs to choose from. If you do not see what you want and/or you have a design of your own. Give us a call or send the design to us. We are happy to make your own design if at all possible.

The laser engraved belt buckles come in either the dress or full size with solid brass backers. Three different woods have been selected to enhance the beauty and durability of these buckles. American Cherry and Walnut to give the designs a rich warm contrast, and Maple, which is a light colored wood and when laser engraved, the dark image against the lighter background provides a distinct contrast. The buckles are finished by hand sanding and then with a clear catalyzed lacquer to insure long lasting beauty. We carry several designs, but will be glad to make one or many from your own design. This is a great idea for clubs and organizations to use as awards or gifts. Give us a call, Fax us, or mail us with your design.

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