Why Herrett Stocks?

For over 40 years shooters have been depending on the accumulated experience of Herrett Stocks to provide them with gun stocks that are functional and beautiful.

In designing gun stocks, many factors must be taken into consideration and at Herrett's its our experience in design and field testing that allows us to produce the superior handgun stocks pictured on this website.

Each is an original Herrett design and only the finest American Walnut is used. No acceptable substitute exists for its strength, beauty, and resiliency. Thus it is the perfect material for long lasting performance. We do make some gun stocks out of other woods on request. This includes such exotic woods as Cocobolo and Bubinga. Please call for prices on exotic wood stocks.

When buying gun stocks you should only consider the best. We at Herrett's have spent a lifetime in gun stock research and development and have shown the world that our stocks are superior stocks. When accuracy counts, you will find Herrett's being used by shooters all over the world.

Our store hours are 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM MST Monday through Friday. Please try to contact us by telephone, (208)-733-1498, during these hours. You may EMAIL, rjherrett@msn.com, or Fax, (208)-733-1632, us at any time and we will answer your inquiry at the earliest time possible.

Telephone or FAX orders are always welcome. You may telephone us with your credit card information if you do not trust the security of the Internet and/or FAX. When ordering custom stocks please send your order and hand print tracing via regular mail.

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