Steve Herrett

Steve Herrett was born and raised near the Black Hills of South Dakota. With a vast area to hunt and plenty of game readily available, he became an avid hunter and sharpshooter. As a young man Steve felt there were shortcomings with most commercial made pistol stocks. Steve started making his own stocks and tested them in the field. He found that if a pistol is comfortable and easy in the hand, it made shooting more enjoyable and increased his accuracy. This method of prototyping helped him develop his skills and become an expert stock maker. To this day, every Herrett stock design is field tested before going into mass production.

After WWII broke out, Steve, like many men of his generation, offered to serve his country. But to his dismay, the military refused his enlistment due to scarlet fever and flat feet. Bound and determined to serve his country, Steve moved his family to Panama to work in the Navy shipyards to help in the war effort. In his spare time, he started making stocks for local gun clubs. Steve found a demand for many of his popular designs and a big demand for custom stocks. His time in Panama developed friendships, lifetime customers and suppliers of materials for his gun stocks. He also found the woodworking equipment available at the time, was not suited or easily adapted for building gun stocks. So he designed, tooled and manufactured his own equipment specifically for his designs. Some of his original machinery used in Panama is still in use today.

After the war ended, Steve moved to Twin Falls Idaho to be near family and to launch his gun stock business. He started production of his stocks and sold them to hunters, sportsmen, gun clubs and various firearm enthusiasts. This made Herrett the “go to” man when they wanted stocks and custom stocks built with detail, craftsmanship with the highest quality materials.

In 1955, he ran his first advertisement in American Rifleman. The headline read:

“ONLY HERRETT Stocks are made to your hand pattern.”

Inquiries and orders started pouring in from all over the world for production and custom pistol stocks. With consistent advertising and innovation, Herrett grew from a domestic to an international company in the years that followed.

Steve Herrett’s son, Rodney took over the business upon his father’s passing in 1985. Since the business has continued to grow they moved to a larger facility off Kimberly Road in Twin Falls, Idaho where they are today. They continue to expand the shop to accommodate their current customer’s needs and to handle the steady influx of new business.

Herrett’s Stocks continues to grow with a new generation of craftsmen who know they have a great reputation to live up to. Before you purchase a Herrett Stock, rest assured each craftsman has been trained by the very best in the industry.

“There is a lifetime of design experience in every Herrett's gun stock.” -Steve Herrett