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“I purchased my first set of “Made-to-Measure” pistol stocks from Herrett’s over 55 years ago.  That first set was marvelous, fit my hand perfectly, and I have been ordering additional stocks for pistols and revolvers over the years ever since.  I am a Precision Pistol (Bullseye) competitor, and I commonly use three different pistols in a single day’s 2700 match.  If I close my eyes and pick up a pistol, I can’t tell the difference as to which pistol I have in my hand.  All my Match pistols have Herrett’s “Made-to-Measure” stocks, and that provides me with a consistent feel that enhances my ability to come in with outstanding scores (for me) from every match.

About 25 years ago, I sent a set of ebony wood blanks to Herrett’s for a set of “Made-to-Measure” stocks for a .45ACP “Clark Custom Guns” 1911 Long Slide pistol.  After years of practice rounds and countless pistol matches, the wood in the stocks wore out around the stock mounting screws.  I sent the stocks to Herrett’s for possible repair (along with their standard repair fee), but repair turned out to be impossible.  Herrett’s offered to make a new set of stocks for me at no additional charge, so I sent an additional set of ebony blanks.  I have just received the new stocks and they are absolutely fantastic!  The workmanship is as beautiful as the original set, they fit my hand perfectly, and Herrett’s definitely stands behind their work!  Herrett’s hand-made stocks are truly made (and backed) in the USA.  You can’t beat the best there is.”

Cliff Mugnier

Baton Rouge, LA

 The fit and finish on the walnut Herrett Jordan Trooper stocks for my S&W 500 is superb. The stocks feel as though Herrett used a clay model of my hand — not just a drawing — to craft these fine stocks. I’ll be back for more.
I’ll send another email about the new JTs I want.
Bob Townsend