MAILING ADDRESS: PO BOX 741 Twin Falls, ID 83303-0741

Veteran Owned & Operated

For over 60 years, we have offered the highest quality, hand crafted gun stocks built on-site by Master Craftsmen. Shooters have depended on the accumulative experience of Herrett’s Stocks to provide them with gun stocks that are both functional and beautiful.

Each stock can be tailored to your specifications, making your firearm a comfortable extension which can help you become a better shooter.

Whether you need a standard fit, or custom hand fitted, we have the tools, the team, and the experience to provide you the stock you’re looking for.

At Herrett’s we have spent two lifetimes on research, development and field testing to show the world that we make superior gun stocks. 

* All of our gun stocks are available in fine grade of walnut. Some are available in figured and exhibition walnut and exotic woods. Don’t hesitate to call us for availability and prices or if you have any questions on how to order your custom stock (208) 733-1498 or you can email us at